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Bitters Extra
Bitters Extra ™<span class="sub"> ~ Digestion Support ~30 & 90 capsules</span>
Bitters Extra ™ ~ Digestion Support ~30 & 90 capsules

Traditional bitter herbs promote healthy digestion. Includes a full complement of plant-based digestive enzymes to support digestive functions more fully - in a convenient, easy to take capsule.

Colon Motility Blend ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Colon Support ~ 90 capsules</span>
Colon Motility Blend ™ ~ Colon Support ~ 90 capsules

Colon Motility Blend combines unique digestive tonics and bitters with gentle laxative stimulants & digestive enzymes for a complete colon support product; can be used for regular colon support or in conjunction with a cleansing protocol.

Digestion Tonic ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Peppermint Digestion Support ~ 4 ounces</span>
Digestion Tonic ™ ~ Peppermint Digestion Support ~ 4 ounces

Tasty Tonics® are concentrated liquid herbal formulas designed to actually taste great and encourage compliance for daily use. Digestion Tonic™ supports healthy digestion with soothing herbs and peppermint leaf and oil. Packaged in beautiful g [...]

FemEcology ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Vaginal and Intestinal Probiotic Support  ~ 30 capsules</span>
FemEcology ™ ~ Vaginal and Intestinal Probiotic Support ~ 30 capsules

FemEcology is a blend of probiotic species that specifically support the maintenance of healthy vaginal immunity, pH and ecology of microflora; equally beneficial for overall intestinal health maintenance as well.

Flora Symmetry ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Intestinal Probiotic Support ~ 60
Flora Symmetry ™ ~ Intestinal Probiotic Support ~ 60

This multi-species, yet precise blend of probiotic cultures supports healthy & normal microflora ecology in the intestinal environment.

HepaFem ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Liver Cleansing Support  ~ 60 capsules</span>
HepaFem ™ ~ Liver Cleansing Support ~ 60 capsules

HepaFem is a combination of traditional western herbs supporting healthy liver detoxification.

LaxaBlend ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Natural Laxative ~ 60 capsules</span>
LaxaBlend ™ ~ Natural Laxative ~ 60 capsules

LaxaBlend is a fast acting, effective natural laxative. It is a combination of acute laxatives with stool softeners and digestive system support resulting in a reliable formula appropriate for short term use for occasional constipation.

Metabolic Manager ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Metabolic Manager ~ 120 capsules</span>
Metabolic Manager ™ ~ Metabolic Manager ~ 120 capsules

A holistic formula supporting the maintenance of a healthy glycemic and metabolic response. This formula combines nutrients and botanicals rich in antioxidant and adaptogenic properties.

Turmeric Tonic ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Ginger Turmeric Antioxidant ~ 4 ounces</span>
Turmeric Tonic ™ ~ Ginger Turmeric Antioxidant ~ 4 ounces

Tasty Tonics® are concentrated liquid herbal formulas designed with therapeutic doses and blended with natural flavors & essential oils to taste great and encourage compliance for daily use. Turmeric Tonic™ supports the body’s normal and heal [...]

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