All Menopause Support

Adrenal Assist ™<span class="sub"> ~ Adrenal Support ~ 90 capsules / 180 capsules</span>
Adrenal Assist ™ ~ Adrenal Support ~ 90 capsules / 180 capsules

Nutritional and herbal support for healthy adrenal gland function and enhanced resistance to stress; promotes the ability to handle prolonged stress with ease.

Black Cohosh <span class="sub"> ~ Cimicifuga Extract Plus ~ 60 & 120 capsules</span>
Black Cohosh ~ Cimicifuga Extract Plus ~ 60 & 120 capsules

Black Cohosh is one of the most well-researched and traditionally used herbs supporting relief for menopause symptoms. We utilize both the standardized extract and the whole dried root powder.

FemVitality ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Libido Support ~ 60 capsules </span>
FemVitality ™ ~ Libido Support ~ 60 capsules

A botanical combination to bring forth the historical/traditional uses of three of the most important plants supporting libido in women, but also now documented in the research for promoting sexual function in women.

PhytoEstrogen Herbal ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Phytoestrogen Powder ~ 8 ounces </span>
PhytoEstrogen Herbal ™ ~ Phytoestrogen Powder ~ 8 ounces

This progressive powdered formula offers a phytoestrogen-rich blend of botanicals and non-GMO soy isoflavones and flax seed lignans; women in all stages of menopause may benefit from a high dietary intake of phytoestrogens.

Red Clover  <span class="sub"> ~ Red Clover Extract Plus ~ 60 capsules</span>
Red Clover ~ Red Clover Extract Plus ~ 60 capsules

Positive research shows red clover extract supports relief of peri- and menopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes and night sweats; our formula contains the standardized extract as well as the traditionally used leaf and flower.

Woman’s Passage ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Menopause Support ~ 30 capsules</span>
Woman’s Passage ™ ~ Menopause Support ~ 30 capsules

Designed using more recent research in botanicals for menopause and perimenopause, Woman’s Passage features a simple combination to promote quick relief from menopause symptoms.

Women’s Phase II ® <span class="sub"> ~ Menopause Support ~ 90 & 180 capsules</span>
Women’s Phase II ® ~ Menopause Support ~ 90 & 180 capsules

Our flagship product continues to be a successful option for menopausal women wanting to reduce symptoms and support the change in hormones naturally.