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Black Cohosh <span class="sub"> ~ Cimicifuga Extract Plus ~ 60 & 120 capsules</span>
Black Cohosh ~ Cimicifuga Extract Plus ~ 60 & 120 capsules

Black Cohosh is one of the most well-researched and traditionally used herbs supporting relief for menopause symptoms. We utilize both the standardized extract and the whole dried root powder.

Chaste Tree Berry <span class="sub"> ~ Vitex Extract Plus~ 60 capsules</span>
Chaste Tree Berry ~ Vitex Extract Plus~ 60 capsules

Chaste tree berry, also known as Vitex, is one of the most reliable herbs for young women in their reproductive years, to support a healthy regulated menstrual cycle.

Ginkgo  <span class="sub"> ~ Ginkgo Extract Plus ~ 90 capsules</span>
Ginkgo ~ Ginkgo Extract Plus ~ 90 capsules

Herbal medicine use of ginkgo traces back over two thousand years. Our preparation features the most well-researched standardized dose as well as the time-honored use of the whole leaf.

Green Tea  <span class="sub"> ~ Green Tea Extract Plus ~ 60 capsules</span>
Green Tea ~ Green Tea Extract Plus ~ 60 capsules

Research on green tea reveals it to be rich with antioxidant activity, supportive of breast health and healthy immune functions; our capsules feature the synergy of the standardized extract and the traditional whole leaf powder.

Horse Chestnut <span class="sub"> ~ Horse Chestnut Extract Plus ~ 60 capsules</span>
Horse Chestnut ~ Horse Chestnut Extract Plus ~ 60 capsules

Horse chestnut is particularly useful in promoting vein and capillary strength, especially in the lower extremities.

Red Clover  <span class="sub"> ~ Red Clover Extract Plus ~ 60 capsules</span>
Red Clover ~ Red Clover Extract Plus ~ 60 capsules

Positive research shows red clover extract supports relief of peri- and menopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes and night sweats; our formula contains the standardized extract as well as the traditionally used leaf and flower.

Rhodiola <span class="sub"> ~ Rhodiola Extract Plus ~ 60 capsules</span>
Rhodiola ~ Rhodiola Extract Plus ~ 60 capsules

Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb with a broad range of action, promoting mental and physical stamina, hormonal harmony, and immune support, especially in times of stress.

Soy Choice ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Soy Isoflavone Extract  ~ 60 capsules</span>
Soy Choice ™ ~ Soy Isoflavone Extract ~ 60 capsules

Non-GMO soybean extract is the star of this versatile and remarkable supplement for women’s health. Supports heart, breast, bone and cardiovascular health, and relieves menopause symptoms.

St. John’s Wort  <span class="sub"> ~ Hypericum Extract Plus ~ 90 capsules</span>
St. John’s Wort ~ Hypericum Extract Plus ~ 90 capsules

One of the most researched herbs in support of a positive mood, our St. John’s Wort capsules contain both the studied, standardized extract as well as the whole flower tops.

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