Vitanica’s Quality Control Statement

Vitanica is committed to maintaining the content and purity of our dietary supplements. We believe this is accomplished by focusing on the principles that contribute to well designed products which will support health without contributing to toxicity, utilizing safe and effective ingredients.

Good Manufacturing Practices involve having policies in place to assure adequate and clean facilities, training of staff, verifying and tracking suppliers, raw material testing, clean and organized manufacturing and labeling lines, record keeping, finished product testing, clean and regulated warehousing, etc.

At Vitanica, we strive for excellence in these principles.

One way to assure quality is through third party certification via on-premise observation and analysis. At Vitanica, we are glad to say our dietary supplement manufacturing facilities are third-party certified and meet all regulation standards set forth by the FDA Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act as outlined in the code of Regulations, Title 21, part 111. In addition, we are a Silver Partner with Emerson Ecologics Quality Assurance Program.

All said, if products are well made, but not well designed, they may fail at supporting health. At Vitanica, we are proud to remind you our products are researched and designed by Dr. Tori Hudson, a Naturopathic Physician specializing in women’s natural health.

Vitanica began in 1994 with the dream of helping women. Every day, we want to impact women’s health through education and healing. Quality assurance is an essential element of meeting our dream.