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Dopamine Assist ™  <span class="sub"> ~ Neurotransmitter Mood Support ~ 60 capsules </span>
Dopamine Assist ™ ~ Neurotransmitter Mood Support ~ 60 capsules

Dopamine Assist supports the body’s natural production of dopamine, one of the body’s primary catecholamines, and essential for balanced central nervous system function in the areas of motivation, attention, learning, mood and sleep.

FemEcology ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Vaginal and Intestinal Probiotic Support  ~ 30 capsules</span>
FemEcology ™ ~ Vaginal and Intestinal Probiotic Support ~ 30 capsules

FemEcology is a blend of probiotic species that specifically support the maintenance of healthy vaginal immunity, pH and ecology of microflora; equally beneficial for overall intestinal health maintenance as well.

FemRebalance ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Hormone Balance Support ~ 60
FemRebalance ™ ~ Hormone Balance Support ~ 60

FemRebalance is designed to promote a woman's normal hormone profile. There are many reasons the endocrine system becomes disrupted and this formula offers support to 'reset' hormone levels.

FemTeen Symmetry ™<span class="sub"> ~ Teen Multiple  ~ 120 capsules</span>
FemTeen Symmetry ™ ~ Teen Multiple ~ 120 capsules

A daily multivitamin/mineral combination formulated especially for young women’s nutritional needs.

FemVitality ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Libido Support ~ 60 capsules </span>
FemVitality ™ ~ Libido Support ~ 60 capsules

A botanical combination to bring forth the historical/traditional uses of three of the most important plants supporting libido in women, but also now documented in the research for promoting sexual function in women.

FibroFormula ™ <span class="sub"> ~ NeuroMuscular Support ~ 60 capsules </span>
FibroFormula ™ ~ NeuroMuscular Support ~ 60 capsules

Supports the normal and healthy functions in the brain and body to maintain homeostasis in relation to balanced neurotransmitter/neuromuscular processes and responses.

Flora Symmetry ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Intestinal Probiotic Support ~ 60
Flora Symmetry ™ ~ Intestinal Probiotic Support ~ 60

This multi-species, yet precise blend of probiotic cultures supports healthy & normal microflora ecology in the intestinal environment.

GABA Ease  ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Calming Support ~ 15 & 60 capsules</span>
GABA Ease ™ ~ Calming Support ~ 15 & 60 capsules

Contains the best researched herbs and nutrients in promotion of calming, plus general nervous system tonic support. Especially helpful during travel, hormonal irritability and stressful times.

Ginkgo  <span class="sub"> ~ Ginkgo Extract Plus ~ 90 capsules</span>
Ginkgo ~ Ginkgo Extract Plus ~ 90 capsules

Herbal medicine use of ginkgo traces back over two thousand years. Our preparation features the most well-researched standardized dose as well as the time-honored use of the whole leaf.

Green Tea  <span class="sub"> ~ Green Tea Extract Plus ~ 60 capsules</span>
Green Tea ~ Green Tea Extract Plus ~ 60 capsules

Research on green tea reveals it to be rich with antioxidant activity, supportive of breast health and healthy immune functions; our capsules feature the synergy of the standardized extract and the traditional whole leaf powder.

HepaFem ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Liver Cleansing Support  ~ 60 capsules</span>
HepaFem ™ ~ Liver Cleansing Support ~ 60 capsules

HepaFem is a combination of traditional western herbs supporting healthy liver detoxification.

Horse Chestnut <span class="sub"> ~ Horse Chestnut Extract Plus ~ 60 capsules</span>
Horse Chestnut ~ Horse Chestnut Extract Plus ~ 60 capsules

Horse chestnut is particularly useful in promoting vein and capillary strength, especially in the lower extremities.

Immune Symmetry ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Women’s Immune Support ~ 60 capsules</span>
Immune Symmetry ™ ~ Women’s Immune Support ~ 60 capsules

This versatile formula combines scientific and traditionally used herbs and nutrients to promote immune system maintenance and good health. This can be helpful during stressful times in order to maintain a healthy system.

Immune Tonic ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Elderberry/Echinacea Berry Immune Support ~  4 ounces</span>
Immune Tonic ™ ~ Elderberry/Echinacea Berry Immune Support ~ 4 ounces

Tasty Tonics® are concentrated liquid herbal formulas designed to actually taste great and encourage compliance for daily use. Immune Tonic™ supports the immune system with two types of echinacea and black elderberry. Packaged in beauti [...]

Iron Extra ™<span class="sub"> ~ Enhanced Iron Absorption ~ 60 capsules</span>
Iron Extra ™ ~ Enhanced Iron Absorption ~ 60 capsules

Holistic red blood cell support featuring more absorbable and gentler forms of iron as well as supportive herbs and vitamins.

Iron Tonic ™  <span class="sub"> ~ Blackberry RBC Support ~ 4 ounces </span>
Iron Tonic ™ ~ Blackberry RBC Support ~ 4 ounces

Tasty Tonics™ are concentrated liquid herbal formulas designed with therapeutic doses and blended with natural flavors & essential oils to taste great and encourage compliance for daily use. Iron Tonic™ maintains healthy iron [...]

LactationBlend  ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Nursing Support ~ 60 capsules</span>
LactationBlend ™ ~ Nursing Support ~ 60 capsules

One of the most complete, natural breastfeeding support formulas featuring time honored herbs and researched ingredients.

LaxaBlend ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Natural Laxative ~ 60 capsules</span>
LaxaBlend ™ ~ Natural Laxative ~ 60 capsules

LaxaBlend is a fast acting, effective natural laxative. It is a combination of acute laxatives with stool softeners and digestive system support resulting in a reliable formula appropriate for short term use for occasional constipation.

Luminous ® <span class="sub"> ~ Hair, Skin and Nail Support ~ 60 capsules</span>
Luminous ® ~ Hair, Skin and Nail Support ~ 60 capsules

Luminous is a comprehensive hair, skin and nails support formula. It provides the minerals, and nutrient-rich botanicals supportive for collagen and circulation for healthy, glowing skin and hair.

Lysine Extra ™ <span class="sub"> ~ Immune System Support  ~ 60 capsules</span>
Lysine Extra ™ ~ Immune System Support ~ 60 capsules

Based on nutritional research, botanical research and clinical data, this formula has been developed for its immune system support with the benefits of lysine.

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